Object #2

Dimensions: 81 – 61 – 25 mm
Weight: 46 g
Materials: Necuron and steel
Origin: Made
Year: 2014

As we handle an object with our fingers, we try to memorize all its sides, mapping its surfaces.

It is impossible to see all the sides of an object simultaneously and as one face appears in view, another disappears. We cannot see inside an object or a material and if we break it in order to do so, we have destroyed what we planned to discover and simultaneously we have created something new. Therefore, the way in which we experience an artefact, very much depends on the structure of our encounter with it. From different perspectives we encounter different things that not look alike. But the idea of holding an object with our hands also comes together with the idea of release and therefore the loss of control. We will never be able to hold all the artefacts which exist in the world in our hands and perhaps the development of our civilization can be demarcated by the rhythm of grasping and detaching objects. This rhythm influences the way we work materials and land. It is always a matter of temporary occupation and liberation. Of control and release.

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