Studio's Tokens - The virtual and the tactile-kinaesthetic experience of a studio practice, is an event presented by Patricia Domingues during the A-Z nights, Hybrid Landscape – natural and artificial practice, on October 22, 2019. During the event, each participant is invited to experience a selection of objects, pieces and materials from the artist’s studio, in their own hands.

This project aims to share work produced in the studio in non-conventional ways. The selection made brings together not only finished pieces, but mostly artefacts and experiments collected between 2010 and the present. The collection does include some pieces that have been exhibited previously but is mainly composed of work that has never before left the inside of the studio. It is these pieces that perhaps end up having the biggest impact on the development of an artistic language. They are felt and observed every day within the working process; they tell the story of a studio practice.

Studio's Tokens reflects on bringing the inside outside, presenting a virtual space where digital or material duplication is seen as method of sharing and gaining knowledge, approaching mimicry not as a manner of replication but a vehicle of liberation and a way of finding new concepts.

How to experience this event:

  • During the event learn about the objects by experiencing them in your own hands.
  • Navigate through the website and learn about every object.
  • Fill in your name to download the 3D model.
  • Print or reproduce this object in a 3D printer.
  • You are free to use the models for non-commercial purposes, as long as you credit the author.

This page is not schematized by time or hierarchies. It has no beginning or end, nor any particular order. Every object is a new beginning and a new end.

The studio

The studio is a playground of sensorial textures, colours and densities. The surface of each object presented in the studio merges into every other, vibrating out not only what each contains, but also a continuity and an infinity that is shared and dispersed beyond the walls of the studio.

The resistance of the materials is a choreography that goes back and forth, tracing and reaffirming its limits. The feedback from the materials builds me as much as I build the form or, sometimes, the absence of the form.

Each process is a tactile-kinaesthetic experience, lived between what we know and what we don't know, but wish to emancipate. Each object is a portal, whether digital or material, containing the potential to transgress and reaffirm.

Credits: Work and texts by Patricia Domingues / Website by V-A Studio