Object #15

Dimensions: 120 – 50 – 45 mm
Weight: 216 g
Materials: Silicon with aluminum powder and iron
Origin: Made
Year: 2018

In the beginning of human existence, a stone in the hands was perhaps the very first tool of navigation and sensorial expansion. As man imagined how the stone’s curves meet on the other side, he gained a more complex understanding of the landscape he was living in. Through kinaesthetic experiences, he expanded the notions of territory, realizing that in the same way that the stone in his hands had a backside, a top, a side and an inside, the mountain ahead had these features too. There is a desire to see all the sides simultaneously and mapping and relating things brings understanding and creates a means of overcoming mankind’s fragmentary condition. Making visible what is invisible. The need to map the world reflects the desire to know it and this behaviour is expressed in the material world. Perhaps every process of making is a cognitive map of the desire to know the world.

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