Object #13

Dimensions: 130 - 85 – 80 mm
Weight: 1600 g
Materials: Agate
Origin: Idar-Oberstein
Year: Gift, 2011

In 2011, I received a gift from a friend. An agate stone which, despite its ordinary appearance, contains a special phenomenon. The lines located in the middle indicate that whilst in the ground, the stone had been broken into two pieces and naturally glued back together with the help of other minerals that entered inside, closing it up again.

It is most likely dazzling on the inside, as agates usually are. Within, they are often partially hollow. Most start with strong circular parallel lines from the outside to the inside, that are interspersed between lines of quartz and silica creating lines of different colours. These lines normally end with small crystal formations which are followed by an empty nucleus. But this particular stone might be different. Its weight makes me wonder whether it actually is hollow or perhaps solid inside. The absence of sound when I swing the stone also leads me to believe that there are no crystals inside. It makes me think that it is only made up of hard and dense materials.

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