Object #7

Dimensions: 104 – 97 – 40 mm
Weight: 661 g
Materials: Silicon
Origin: Made
Year: 2019

A crack is a performance of the material initiated by me.

While drilling and perforating a block of silicon, a man-made material composed of silica, I meditate on how in a non-linear time, contemporary materials live amongst old, already traditional materials, natural amongst man-made and materials that have already been handled amongst those that have just been found.

The landscape is collectively deconstructed, dissected in the search for meaning; it is subject and object, gaining weight and lightness in processual and relational flows of materials. In the end, it is a matter of impact and rebound, the images meditate on us and we inhabit the images.

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Edu 2020.12.30 1609327941 Germany
Lisa Rose 2020.01.04 1578163797 Germany
Joao Martins 2019.10.23 1571838311 Portugal